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About the company

Beauty is subjective, but a powerful look is recognized by anyone. With that in mind Della & Delle has developed a Henna for Eyebrows with the most modern techniques and ingredients on what concerns eyebrow tinting, bringing all the attentions to your eyes.
We work non-stop not only to offer the best solutions in eyebrow beauty, but also to make you feel good.
With a professional focus, our product tries to meet the need of practicality and reliability on a safe product, offering great comfort and quality to the professional and an impressive and long-lasting result to her clients.
Present in many countries, Della & Delle Henna for Eyebrows offer the best result and the biggest practicality in the market when it comes to eyebrow care, presenting natural tones, a long fixation and a constant care for our client’s safety.
Because we care about our responsibility to the society and the environment we live in, we work hard to get international certifications that guarantee to our clients that our ingredients are fair trade and organic and that we do not test on animals.
We are proud of offering a top-class product and for being able to proportionate beauty and self-esteem to women and men around the world.
Let your looks speak for you with Della & Delle Henna for Eyebrows.
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